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Let Me Entertain You

You have to wonder if the SEC didn't move Steve Spurrier to the last slot in SEC Media Days to keep as many media members as possible at the Wynfrey Hotel until the end of the day.

After all, everyone knows that Spurrier's remarks aren't just the most honest you'll hear all week. They're also the most entertaining.

"But I tell people, when you see our guys in the weight room, 'Man, that guy looks like an all-NFL lineman.' I say, 'Yeah, in the weight room he does look like one. But all of a sudden the ball is snapped and he's not quite doing it.'"

Tebow for Heisman again? "If he runs for about five touchdowns a game like he did against us, he'll do it."

"I know we've got two or three linebackers committed right now. I think all of them are about six foot or 6'1". We sent memo: 'No more six-foot linebackers. Let's for 6'2" or 6'3", if we can. ... Sort of like going after girls, I guess. Got to get the best one you can, right? Some of these (reporters) actually have good-looking wives, which is unusual."

And so on. Spurrier puts on quite a show.

But he also used to be can't miss because he was one of the game's pre-eminent minds. Some are beginning to wonder, though, if even Head Ball Coach has met his match in Columbia.

Spurrier clearly thinks he hasn't.

"We need to win the division somewhere along the way. ... But South Carolina can win. I really believe that. They can win. And they can beat the other schools. So we just haven't done it consistently yet."

Did the non-South Carolina media believe Spurrier? They certainly didn't believe he would do it this year; the Gamecocks once again landed at fourth in the SEC East in the preseason poll.

The talent is there, Spurrier and WR Kenny McKinley and LB Jasper Brinkley said.

"We've got the athletes to get the job done," Brinkley said. "We've just got to go and get it done."

To be sure, Spurrier is not boasting of contending for an SEC title this year, as he did to disastrous results last year. But McKinley said not to be deceived.

"He's humble," the wideout said. "But he's still confident."

One day soon, perhaps, Spurrier will once again entertain on the football field as well as he does in the briefing room.