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Voting the SEC, Part II

Not going to belabor this, because the resutls of the SEC media voting are readily available elsewhere.

But a few things that leap out.

Again, there were no unanimous selections to the All-SEC team, including TTIIMM TTEEBBOOWW. He got 64 votes; Matthew Stafford got the other six.

The lowest vote total to get on the team was Auburn RB Ben Tate, who made the second team with two. He was beaten out by Georgia's Knowshon Moreno (68), Tennessee's Arian Foster (50) and fellow second-teamer Anthony Dixon of Mississippi State (16).

The only teams to have more All-SEC selections than South Carolina? Auburn and LSU.

The final voting for SEC Champion went thusly:

Florida 36
Georgia 18
Auburn 13
Tennessee 1
Ole Miss 1

That's right. Someone thinks Ole Miss will win not just the West, but the entire conference. The conference has the name of this person, who should never, ever be allowed to vote again.