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THE THREAD [07.29.08] :: Back in Action


Free to go. The charges against Dion Lecorn have been dropped. You know it's a bad sign for the prosecution when the evidence on which you're building your marijuana possession case turns out to, um, not be pot.

Columbia attorney Lowell Bernstein said one of two tests performed on the marijuana recovered from the car, which measured less than .1 gram, came back negative for pot. A drug test administered by the university also was negative.

This should clear the last obstacle for Lecorn this fall, unless the prosecutor is unusually dogged about a marijuana case. Aside from that, C&F will refrain from further comment on the appearances here, since he was not at the scene and knows nothing first-hand.

Boyd and Summers. Cory Boyd has been released, while Demetris Summers is rolling along doing okay in Canada, Person reports.

Not much here, except to say that C&F assisted in some Falcons coverage a couple of years ago, and it's not uncommon for a player to be released and signed by the same NFL team several times in the same season. A weird league when it comes to contracts, that one. So Boyd might not be done yet.

Yes, but we need QBs mobile enough to elude police. Doing what good leaders should do, Kentucky's quarterbacks are waging a valiant battle to win the Fulmer Cup for the Wildcats.

The arrests of quarterbacks Curtis Pulley and Will Fidler in separate incidents last week have taken the focus off what could have been a heated competition with Mike Hartline to fill Woodson's considerable shoes. Pulley was arrested on traffic violations July 22, while Fidler was charged with disorderly conduct in Lexington on Friday. ...

Last week's arrest was Pulley's second run-in with police in as many months. He was cited for marijuana possession outside a Louisville bar June 12 and was placed in a diversion program. That case is set for review Sept. 12.

If he wasn't already, Rich Brooks is missing Andre Woodson now.

Associating with the wrong boys in blue.

Holy War -- another one. Utah will face Notre Dame in 2010. C&F is resisting all sorts of stereotype, and so will simply note that this game will be played.

The Big East hates our troops. But it loves the TV dollars our service academies could bring.

The Post has learned that the Big East has explored deals with Army and Navy in football. The concept is for each of the service academies to play four Big East opponents each season on a rotating basis.

For example, in a given year, Army would play Connecticut, Cincinnati, Louisville and Pittsburgh. Navy would face Rutgers, South Florida, Syracuse and West Virginia.

This would likely be the first step in bringing Army and Navy into the conference formally some years down the road, after a nice trial period.