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Ladies and gentlemen, THE SAVIOR OF THE PROGRAM is on the verge of a return -- as sooon as Thursday.

"I’m not sure if Stephen Garcia will be here Thursday night," Spurrier said. "I do not know if he’ll be there this Thursday night. Certainly we’re hoping he will be there, but that’s in the hands of our university and those who are in charge of that."

Spurrier said he was "not in the loop" on the decision.

"What was told to Stephen is if you do what you’re supposed to do, we’ll look at your situation and make a call," Spurrier said. "But I’ve been out of the loop on that. I’m staying out of the loop, and we’ll find out in the next three-to-four days."

Welcome back, son.

In seriousness, this has little practical effect on the coming season, at least for now. It's unlikely, given how far behind Garcia is, that he will be able to beat out Tommy Beecher and Chris Smelley. But if he's good -- as in, not appearing in The Gamecock's police blotter for a few days -- C&F thinks Spurrier might look at a special package of plays for Garcia.

Odds are Spurrier sticks with his "Beecher is my quarterback" mantra. At least until the first incompletion of the N.C. State game.