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More on the Spurrier vs. Web site thing

This could become something of an issue. From Haney:

I know Spurrier and Tommy Bowden have talked about this matter in a discussion that was described to me as somewhat heated. Clemson's coaches admitted knowing that such a packet had been sent out, but they said they weren't aware of who did it, either.

So those arguing that the packet might not exist are now standing on a mighty thin limb. If it's an urban legend, it's apparently one the Clemson coaches also believe in.

If Clemson's coaches don't know who did it, though, the likelihood that it's a recruiting violation -- from my very slight knowledge of this -- decreases. You have to, I believe, be a "football representative" of the university in question.

So I can send articles talking about the disadvantages of living in the backwoods to every potential Clemson recruit in America, but if South Carolina doesn't know I'm doing it -- or if I do it without their consent -- I think everybody would be free of NCAA culpability.

Really, you don't want to go to the Team from the Upstate.

But, as they say in the television commercial, C&F is not providing legal advice.

As far as the bigger picture goes, C&F still agrees with Haney.

I'm just thinking the recruits that receive these things probably already know the rap sheets on players at every school they're looking at. They don't need some packet to tell them that. And I'm sure they know when those players have the charges against them dropped. It's my experience that most recruits read EVERYTHING out there.

Hopefully we can get past all this off-the-field crap and concern ourselves with some football in the very near future.

Well said, sir. Let's move along.