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Happy Returns

He has arrived. After getting more coverage than a Papal visit making its way to the final city, Stephen Garcia is back on campus. And, at least for now, not under arrest.

"Stephen is the third quarterback. Stephen's not going to talk to the media. Stephen doesn't need anymore attention," Spurrier said. "He's had plenty of attention for a guy who's never played a down."

Garcia earlier today issued a three-paragraph statement through USC thanking the university for another chance and saying he will not speak to the media until he's played in an official game. ...

"The media attention needs to go to Tommy Beecher and the other players on our team. I will not start talking to the media until I begin playing in the real games here at Carolina."

This is actually slightly encouraging. The judgment has always been C&F's question about Stephen Garcia's weekly appointment with Columbia law enforcement. Surely, Spurrier or someone in the athletics department got a chance to look at and help craft the statement. And we've heard good words from Garcia before.

But, still, it's the right thing to say.

Garcia wasn't the only player returning; Jarriel King, who got less coverage but took longer getting to Columbia, has also arrived. He did pass math, which is good.