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THE THREAD [07.08.08] :: Sequels

A brief thread, since you'll find the 2008 QB preview below...

Holbrook it is. Chad Holbrook was named the recruiting coordinator and associate head coach for the baseball team today.

Not much to add to yesterday. Again, looks like a quality pick-up.

Holbrook held the same position at North Carolina for the past 15 years and has been credited by Tar Heels coach Mike Fox as one of the driving forces behind that successful program.

We can only hope for similar success at South Carolina.

Here we go again. Spurrier is taking another shot at the Interwebs.

South Carolina football coach Steve Spurrier’s Web site,, re-launches today under the Gamecock Sports Properties umbrella. ...

Planned features include having Spurrier miked up while playing a round of golf plus construction updates on the expansion of the team’s training room at Williams-Brice Stadium. Scott said a member of the training staff will talk about what the improvements will mean for USC’s athletes. [EMPHASIS C&F's]

Now that might be worth the (lower) price of admission.

Two former and current Gamecocks to the Olympics? Best of luck to Terrence Trammell -- who's Beijing-bound -- and Rodney Martin -- "likely" headed to China -- as well as all the other Olympians.

Sometimes, you can add nothing. Such is the case with EDSBS's extraordinary piece about the violence that bedevils college football in a narrow sense and society in a much wider one.

Not guilty. Dr. Russell's e-mail concludes at Dawg Sports. C&F admits he is hardly unbiased on this matter, but the evidence from Russell's e-mail isn't enough to convince C&F that the bats made the difference. That is not to say that the Mayor doesn't lay out a plausible scenario where superior bats could have accounted for the win; he does that quite well. But even Dr. Russell seems unwilling to go so far as to say that composite bats are, in fact, superior to aluminium ones.

That, for C&F, is a key part of the case that has to be proven before he will say that the bats, and not the players swinging them, lost the College World Series.

Louisville down to a basketball team. Or so it seems. JaJuan Spillman, he of the DUI, drug possession, firearm violation and -- horror of horrors! -- lack of insurance, has been kicked off the football team in Louisville.

C&F could point out here the UL really isn't in a position to be picky here, but when someone drives around without insurance, well, you gotta do what you gotta do.