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Garcia sits; will Smoak sign?

A couple of news items:

Stephen Garcia is out for longer than expected. The ankle injury -- which might or might not have happened at practice -- pretty much ices any chance of Garcia starting or getting significant playing time early in the season. He'll probably start the season several weeks behind, which means significant playing time could happen against Wofford on Sept. 20. I'd be skeptical about anything before then.

Keeping an eye on Smoak. Sure, everybody's saying the right things now, but Haney brings up an intriguing idea about Smoak's trouble in inking a deal with the Rangers.

The deadline is quickly approaching for Justin Smoak to reach a deal with the Texas Rangers, lest he join an independent league or even return to South Carolina. [EMPHASIS IS C&F's]

Far be it from me to even suggest that it might be a good thing for a former Gamecock to not get a deal done with a major-league team.