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Holding the Line

Apparently, the only players allowed to talk to the media right now are offensively linemen.

How else to explain the sudden outburst of stories concerning the guys up front? (Except for the fact that Stephen Garcia is out for now, and there's only so much you can milk that one.)

First of all, that the Holtz Regime still haunts the program.

Due to an NCAA ruling that is neither [Jamon] Meredith’s nor the current staff’s fault, the senior must sit the first two games of this season. ...

This dates to Meredith’s first season at USC, when he played three snaps against Vanderbilt for former coach Lou Holtz. Two years later, the NCAA granted Meredith a redshirt season, with the proviso of missing the first two games of this season.

This puts South Carolina, as the article notes, into a tricky spot. If the line gels without Meredith, why risk that chemistry to bring him back? On the other hand, why waste a guy the NFL is asking about, particularly when South Carolina could use the credentials providing by having an offensive lineman drafted.

Should Quintin Richardson or Jarriel King get the starts? They might be easier to nudge out of the starting lineup afterward, but I have my concerns about starting the season with a newbie at left tackle, even if the competition is N.C. State and Vanderbilt.

Person shares his thoughts on how this will all play out here.

Don’t be surprised if Meredith returns from his hiatus and takes over at left guard, assuming the Gamecocks are in good shape at left tackle. Just a hunch, but look for Anderson to be the choice at center.

And for all the hype that accompanied King’s long-awaited arrival on campus, it could be Richardson who wins the job protecting Tommy Beecher’s blind side.

As for C&F? He'll just be happy with an offensive line that can do the job better than the previous units of the Spurrier years.