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Week 7: Predicting the Weather

At this point, C&F should remind you that this is all speculation, which could be disproven by the season once it gets here. Or it could be inspired genius. Witness this gem from the Week Seven preview last year.

Missouri travels to Oklahoma in a cross-division battle that could be a contest between runners-up or could be a preview of the conference championship game.

Not bad, not bad.

Wisconsin visits Penn State in a 3:30 p.m. game on ABC, both teams battling to be a legitimate runner-up to Michigan in the Big Ten or -- with a break -- conference champs themselves. ...

The Wildcats from Arizona will face Southern California in Los Angeles in what could be a trap game for the Trojans.

Ah, yes, well.

And here you can see where C&F will make an absolute idiot of himself.

Now that you have been caveated, the first game of note in Week 7 comes Thursday, Oct. 9 at 7:30 p.m. ET when Clemson visits Wake Forest on ESPN in a game with conference championship implications. The Atlantic Division could be decided in this game.

Two days later, the annual showdown at noon between Texas and Oklahoma for the right to be the favorite in the Big XII South airs on ABC. This game won't have quite the ring of finality it usually does; both teams still have to face darkhorse Texas Tech later in the season.

CBS could have trouble deciding which game to cover, or could go to a doubleheader, as LSU heads to Florida in a cross-division battle and Tennessee visits Georgia, eager for revenge after two years of humbling losses to the Volunteers. The only other coach to hang 50+ on the spelling-challenged Dawgs at home, as Phil Fulmer's boys did in 2006? Steve Spurrier. And we know how they looove him in Athens.

A likely candidate for ABC Saturday Night Football is Penn State at Wisconsin at 8 p.m., a showdown between this year's would-be runners-up in the Big 10. (This time, I mean it.) Arizona State at Southern Cal is also probably circled on ABC execs' calendar.

The TBA undercards include Rutgers at Cincinnati, which will likely knock one of these teams out of the Big East race, and South Carolina at Kentucky -- and no, Wildcat faithful, I still don't think you'll win.

But then, I was the guy who said Wisconsin or Penn State would be the runner-up to Michigan for the Big Ten crown last year. So what do I know?