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In the News and around the Blogosphere...

Out of Raleigh, NC State coach Tom O'Brien has tagged redshirt freshman Russell Wilson as his starting quarterback for next Thursday's game. O'Brien and his staff have had a lot of trouble deciding who will start next week's contest, which should come as some consolation to Gamecock fans who think we have QB problems.

Here, LRM at Statefans Nation remembers the last time the Gamecocks and the Pack squared off back in 1999. Let's hope this year doesn't go like that year.

Here's a great read from Rick Scoppe on the career of our star SR WR, Kenny McKinley. McKinley, despite being a little undersized for a modern WR, will probably break most major USC passing records this season. Here's to hoping we'll get to see him help us win some big games as well as break those records.