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Kentucky Fans: Blah Blah Blah

From UK Wildcats Country:

4. Spurrier will be done if South Carolina doesn't seriously contend this year.

Verdict: Maybe true? But here's the thing, Spurrier better quit now. He's best QB has been suspended from the team before (Garcia) and while the defense is supposely stout, they said the same thing last year. Heck, UK might actually break their Spurrier winless streak, which should have been done last year. Columbia isn't Gainesville, sorry OBC.

I'm sure that Stephen Garcia is glad that you've crowned him Spurrier's "best QB" before he even takes the field. A lot of people thought Curtis Pulley was Kentucky's best quarterback. How'd that turn out for ya?

On the defense: Kentucky's average points per game last year? 36.5. Points they got against South Carolina? 23. (Only two Wildcat opponents surrendered fewer points to UK.)

Margin of victory against Kentucky last year? 15 points, or two touchdowns.

Here's an idea: Before trashing the Gamecocks, why don't you try beating us?