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IM Conversation in Greensboro, NC

jswofford12: so, how do we spin that?
acc_flack_1: what?
jswofford12: what happened last night
acc_flack_1: well, you should say that you never intended to use a conference credit card to pay for an evening of drunken revelry, and no laws were broken*
jswofford12: i meant on the football field
acc_flack_1: oh
acc_flack_1: well, that's harder to explain
jswofford12: yeah...and all the "expansion didn't work" punks r going to be all over me
jswofford12: we could point out that we were 7-4
acc_flack_1: that would be a good start
acc_flack_1: might want to go game by game, though
jswofford12: well, maryland beat delaware 14-7
acc_flack_1: um, that might not be the best place to start
jswofford12: ok
jswofford12: unc beat mcneese state 35-27
jswofford12: need something better, huh?
acc_flack_1: yeah, think so
jswofford12: duke beat james madison 31-7
jswofford12: ga tech beat jax state 41-14
jswofford12: miami beat chas so 52-7
acc_flack_1: did any of our teams beat, you know, division i-a teams?
jswofford12: fbs teams
acc_flack_1: whatever
jswofford12: bc beat kent state 21-0...wake beat baylor 41-13
acc_flack_1: any of them beat bcs-league teams?
jswofford12: no
jswofford12: we're screwed, aren't we?
acc_flack_1: well, it would be ez'er if utah or ecu were in the acc
jswofford12: now, there's an idea...

*Legal Protection Note: This is a parody. Obviously, might not be entirely true.