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Two Amusing Items

First: Ralph Reed, football analyst.

"It's a tough road, but I think Georgia has as good or better shot than anybody else in the Top 10. The only wild card is how incredibly competitive the SEC has become. ... The key to us doing well -- assuming the Bulldogs play up to their potential on paper -- as it was last year and years previous, you have to beat Florida in Jacksonville. That historically has been the make-or-break game."

That from an AJC article that includes comments from a Georgia Supreme Court Justice, TBS broadcaster Skip Caray and (if you doubt me, click the link) Inside Edition host Deborah Norville.

Second: No Duke? Spurrier didn't rank the Blue Devils, according to our friends over at DawgsOnline. Maybe this had more to do with it than any bad blood with Cutcliffe. Or maybe it was just a screw-up.

Please tell me this was unintentional. The HBC's insistence on ranking Duke No. 25 in what is ultimately a fairly meaningless exercise was one of the charming things about him.