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Don't know if today was really a lucky day to get married (even if you are Chinese), but the Gamecocks should feel lucky to start the season 7-2, as our community exercise leading up to the season suggests. A bowl game is certain, though losses to Georgia and LSU mean any unreasonable SEC title dreams have now been crushed.

About 53 percent of our voters in last weekend's poll saw the Gamecocks winning two of three against Kentucky, LSU and Tennessee. Wins against Tennessee and Kentucky got 46 percent of the vote. Wins against Kentucky and LSU accounted for 6 percent, and 1 percent of you -- essentially, one voter -- thought LSU and Tennessee would fall to the Gamecocks, but the Wildcats would prevail. (Okay...)

Now, the denouement. South Carolina will decide to which bowl it will go based on its results against rebuilding Arkansas, at the Fighting Tim Tebows (Florida) and at Clemson. Note that two of those teams are expected to be conference champion contenders.

So, the same drill as always: Votes are good. Comments are better.