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SEC Power Poll, Week 2

Georgia returns to the top, Vanderbilt shoots up to sixth(!), and everything else remains roughly the same. Arkansas and Mississippi State, though, are in a heated race for 11th.

1. Georgia, 290 points (18 first-place votes)

2. Florida, 279 (5)

3. LSU, 243.5 (2)

4. Auburn, 225

5. Alabama, 201.5

6. Vanderbilt, 153.5

7. Mississippi, 147

8. Tennessee, 125.5

9. Kentucky, 120

10. South Carolina, 80

11. Arkansas, 43

12. Mississippi State, 42

Voters enlighten us after the jump.


Georgia hasn't proven much this year but they also had the least to prove coming into the year.--Orange and Blue Hue

Knowshon Moreno: 18 carries, 168 yards, 3 TDs. And the Dogs converted 9 of 12 on third down. Of course, they get the OBC next. We know how well UGA does against him.--Alligator Army

No. 1 with a bullet, a bullet that apparently would bounce off of Knowshon Moreno as he leapt over various tall buildings in ... well, you can guess the number of bounds.--Joe Cribbs Car Wash


Did a great job adjusting to Miami's pass rush after a mistake-filled first half, but I'm still not seeing this "running game" everyone's been talking about.--Hey Jenny Slater

You remember how sometimes your childhood See-N-Say would get stuck and just point to the same damn cow and/or duck every single freaking time? I just get the feeling Dan Mullen's up in the coordinators' booth with one of those things, and every time he pulls the string he hears "The Tebow says ... IT'S GREAT BEING IN THE PHILIPPINES."--Joe Cribbs Car Wash

I was going to put them at three, but that last second field goal moved them up to number two.  Why can't that team run the ball?  Any time they score under 30, there should be an investigation into misappropriation of talent.--Georgia Sports Blog


Troy will be a lot tougher amidst the SEC schedule in November.--Save the Shield

LSU is a quarterback away from competing for another conference championship.--Track Em Tigers

Les Miles has faced 5 hurricanes since he came to LSU.  One of those he beat 40-3.  The rest, well they are winning.--Pelican State Sports


Auburn's finally picked a quarterback.  All this controversy over who gets to hand the ball off to Ben Tate.  But seriously, the spread is starting to come around.--The Auburner

Larry Fedora's "offense" was pathetic against Auburn's stellar D. They've certainly got the best defense in the conference so the offensive growing pains won't matter in most of the games they play.--Red Solo Cup


How do you dominate Clemson, then let Tulane outgain you 318-172 and allow 18 first downs to your 11? All of this during your home opener too.--Alligator Army

Yardage totals don't mean quite so much when you have an unholy terror like Javier Arenas roaming around on punt returns.--Joe Cribbs Car Wash

‘Bama followed up an exceptional outing against Clemson with a lackluster effort against Tulane which was more in line with the Nick Saban norm in Tuscaloosa. Until further notice, that suggests that the season opener in the Georgia Dome was an aberrational instance of the Tide playing above their heads rather than a harbinger of future dominance. The Armani Bear will make this program better before leaving for the N.F.L. three years from now over the course of the rest of his career, but Alabama isn't there yet.--Dawg Sports


Could Vandy be the surprise team of the league this year?  They do seem as athletic as any "Dores" team of recent history.--Orange and Blue Hue

First in the SEC East. That's not a typo. Hell just froze over.--UK Wildcat Country

After beating a M.A.C. team comfortably---a feat, incidentally, which neither Michigan nor Ohio State can claim---the Commodores proceeded to beat South Carolina for the second straight season. There's only so far a Vandy team as thin as this one can go, but, so far, so good.--Dawg Sports

Ole Miss

Jevan Snead is Matt Jones, Jr. and Ole Miss would qualify as about the third best team in the ACC.--Year 2

They outplayed Wake but got screwed by officials and made a few inopportune mistakes. This looks like a good team.--Garnet and Black Attack

Ole Miss ran their offense well, but are still light on defense. QB Jevon Snead has plenty of weapons at his disposal and the Rebels could be a team to watch later in the season.--Mississippi State Sports Blog


Tennessee was given a week off to dwell on their loss and think long and hard about how fat Phil Fulmer is.--The Auburner

The Tennessee Volunteers didn't play this week, which is probably a good thing --now I don't have to use any expletives.--Gate 21

Anyone want a wager on if Fulmer spent the bye strapping Clawson to a chair Clockwork Orange-style and forcing him to watch clips of Montario Hardesty running the ball for seven yards a pop?--Joe Cribbs Car Wash


Rich Brooks has got to be seriously confused about whether or not this is b---s---. The big wins over Louisville and Norfolk State tell us so little about the Wildcats.--Red Solo Cup

That offensive performance had to smart a little, but the one really hurting is Louisville, who now knows their offense was less productive against their hated in-state rival than Norfolk State's.--Hey Jenny Slater

After winning despite an atrocious performance against Louisville, the Wildcats worked their way into the seventh spot by beating Norfolk State the way they were supposed to do. Yeah, maybe we need to tone down the "S.E.C. rules!" rhetoric a little bit.--Dawg Sports

South Carolina

If life were like Full House, this would be the part of the episode where Michelle learns the hard way that she should have listened to Uncle Jesse's advice never to put your faith in South Carolina.--The Auburner

The Gamecocks have the 7th-best pass efficiency defense rating and the 9th-best total defense rating in the nation with solid numbers in the other stat categories to boot. Except for that whole "win."--Rocky Top Talk

Who could have guessed this in 2005: Spurrier gets embarrassed by Vandy for the second straight season, while Skip Holtz beats three straight ranked opponents coaching ECU.--Deep South Sports

A representative sampling of the "Spurrier on the way out" comments...

You read it here first: Steve Spurrier retires by the end of the calendar year. He didn't take the Carolina job so that he could field questions about whether SC is ever going to beat Vandy again.--Hey Jenny Slater

Steve to retire to golfing soon?--Hotty Toddy Blog


Arkansas is likely the worst 2-win team in the country and I don't see them relinquishing this position soon. If it gets much worse, I'm going to start counting ECU as the 12th team in the SEC.--Gate 21

The least impressive 2-0 team ever?--Razorback Expats

They are a mobile home in Kansas during a tornado warning.  Everyone should take the wedding photos and seek alternate shelter.  Be very frightened Hawg fan.  Your last win may have come Saturday.--Georgia Sports Blog

Mississippi State

Respect-o-meter is steadily ticking downwards. Crooming is so 2007.--Loser With Socks

Pretty good performance.  If they can play Auburn tough, they could climb out of the cellar.  Lots of teams seem to want to get down there.--A Sea of Blue