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SEC Power Poll Roundtable Response, Week 2

1. Pretend for a minute that Vanderbilt wasn't 2-0, then answer this question: What has been the most surprising thing in the SEC so far this season?

I'd have to say just how bad Arkansas has been so far this year. I mean, we knew they were going to be down while converting to the pass-based system their fans have craved but, still ... Western Illinois gives you trouble? You need a last-minute drive to beat Louisiana-Monroe??? My 4-8 prediction on their record appears to have been wildly optimistic. I doubt the Hogs win another game this year, and I doubt they're competitive in more than one or two.

2. Conference action has either just begun for most teams, or will Sept. 20. (The exception is Kentucky, which I believe plays I-AA teams until mid-November.) From what you've seen so far, how will your team fare in your division? If it's not going to win, which team will?

Heh. Unintentionally funny one for me to ask. One loss already -- at Vanderbilt. Likely losses to follow against Georgia and LSU and at Florida. Arkansas is a likely win. Tennessee, at Mississippi and at Kentucky are the swing games. So another 3-5 season looks likely.

3. Which SEC player that few of us are paying attention to is poised to have a breakout season? Try to choose someone not on your team.

I'll go with LSU DT Ricky Jean-Francois, who get some discussion but probably hasn't gotten enough after missing all of the last regular season and playing only one game so far this year. He was a freshman All-SEC player in 2006, came back for just the SEC CG and BCSNCG last year and still ended up the defensive MVP for the NC game. He should be able to surpass the second-team All-SEC expectations this season.

4. Both Arkansas and LSU have had games delayed because of hurricanes. If you could choose a game on your team's current schedule to get postponed because of inclement weather, which game would you choose and why?

You almost hate to delay any game at South Carolina, since the schedule is so horribly back-loaded to begin with. I'm tempted to go with Georgia, but (a) it will be over by the time the roundup is done and (b) Richt's teams often play better later in the season. So no thanks on that one. It might be nice to bump at Mississippi down a couple weeks to give the Gamecocks a break after five straight games and an extra week to prepare for Kentucky-LSU. Put it between the Bayou Bengals and Tennessee. That does the least damage and gives us more time to figure out the Rebels.

5. So, the Large Haldron Collider hasn't destroyed the Earth -- so far, anyway. But had the world ended Wednesday morning, which SEC game would you have most regretted missing? Assuming, of course, you had been around to regret it. (Head...hurts...)

I'd hate to put the Cocktail Party here, because it's such an obvious answer. And there are other great games: Alabama vs. LSU in the Hate Bowl, LSU vs. Auburn in the Bizarre Bowl and Georgia vs. Auburn in the SEC CG preview. But, yeah, the Cocktail Party. Tebow, the spelling-challenged Dawgs and the likelihood that the winner will go to Altanta with a chance to play for the national championship make that the can't-miss game of the season.