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SEC Power Poll Ballot: Week Three


1. Florida

The Gators travel to Knoxville this weekend for their first big test. Will they impress more than Georgia did this past weekend?

2. Georgia

The media is having a lot of fun at UGA's expense right now. But don't we see this every year in the SEC? Close games happen; the key is winning them.

3. Alabama

I moved Alabama over Auburn due to Auburn's performance in Starkville. The Tide play at Arkansas this weekend before heading into their next big test the following weekend in Athens. The game against UGA looks much more intriguing now after Alabama's early season success.

4. LSU

I also moved LSU above Auburn based on Auburn's problems. No matter; the two will settle it on the field this coming weekend. LSU is one the few remaining unknowns. We know they're talented, but they haven't played anyone, so it's hard to know how good they really are.

5. Auburn

The Tigers didn't look impressive this past weekend. However, like UGA, they won a game on the road against a team that beat them last year, so it's hard to be too hard on them. Plus, they'll have a chance to redeem themselves against LSU this coming weekend.

6. Vanderbilt

The Commies beat a decent Rice team convincingly over the weekend. This team could be the real deal. Next test: this weekend at Ole Miss.

7. Tennessee

I'm not sure that I don't have them a little too high, but who else am I going to put here? Tennessee struggled a bit against UAB before blowing the game open. Seeing UCLA lose 59-0 to BYU doesn't help the Vols' image.

8. Ole Miss

Beat up on a cupcake over the weekend. We'll see what they have for Vanderbilt.

9. Kentucky

Have these guys played anybody yet this year?

10. South Carolina

I thought about moving them up based on an admirable performance against UGA, but the facts are facts: this team is in the cellar and is 1-7 in its last eight games. They need to prove that they can actually win some games. Luckily, a couple of cupcakes are on deck.

11. Arkansas

Got some major help from Ike.

12. MSU

Typical State team: nice, opportunistic defense, putrid, horrible offense.