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SEC Power Poll Ballot, Week 3

1. Georgia
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Close game against South Carolina. What's new? Still nothing that indicates that Florida will arrive in Jacksonville with a secondary. Until C&F sees that or the spelling-challenged Dawgs implode, Georgia will stay on top.

2. Florida
Bye weeks prove nothing. Unfortunately, neither will destroying Tennessee.

3. LSU
Bye weeks prove nothing. But Auburn and Alabama don't fit here, so LSU it is.

4. Alabama
Old old CW: Still a year away. New old CW: THE SEC CHAMPIONSHIP IS OURZ!!!!! Old new CW: Maybe we overreacted. New new CW: I'm so confused.

5. Auburn
Um, how? How does a team pile up 315 yards of offense and come away with three points. At some point, don't you score by accident? At least your offense scored all five points in the game.

6. Vanderbilt
:: shudders :: Yep.

7. Kentucky
Bye weeks prove nothing. Oh, wait, they played someone? Well, in the loosest sense of the term.

8. Ole Miss
Bye weeks prove nothing.

9. South Carolina
Another year, another close Georgia loss. At least a seven- or eight-win season now looks more likely.

10. Tennessee
Hooray! We beat the worst FBS team not located in Charlottesville!

11. Arkansas
Hurricane-induced bye weeks prove nothing. Except, Bobby Petrino's still there. So that's progress.

12. Mississippi State
Apparently, they've given up on scoring when the offense is on the field. The defense will now attempt to win games by scoring safeties.