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SEC Power Poll Ballot: Week Four

1. Georgia

I've been voting Florida at the top spot, but Georgia's trip to the desert was more impressive than what the Gators did in Knoxville.

2. Alabama

Surprise! Little Nicky seems to be ahead of schedule in Tuscaloosa. Other than the game against Tulane, his Tide has completely dominated their opponents. Some might ask why I have them ahead of Florida, but hasn't Alabama done more so far than the Gators?

3. Florida

The final score was impressive, but if you take out the special teams scores and Tennessee's goal line blunders, this could've been a close game. Defensive coordinators seem to have figured out how to slow Tebow and company down.

4. LSU

Les Miles may be smarter than we think he is. That was an impressive performance in Auburn.

5. Vanderbilt

Vandy is now ranked in the top 25. I'm thinking their joy ride is going to end soon, because they've sort of been the beneficiaries of bone headed play by their opponents, but for now they're undefeated and that warrants a spot at five. They should, by the way, make a bowl, as games against Duke and MSU provide likely fifth and six wins, and I'd also say they should be able to upset one of their tougher opponents at some point. Crazy stuff.

6. Auburn

Lost despite a pretty good effort. Chris Todd played better but is clearly not the going to lead them to an SEC title.

7. Kentucky

They're here by default, as Ole Miss, South Carolina, and Tennessee are all struggling. However, they haven't played anyone yet, so it's hard to say if they're actually better than those three teams.

8. South Carolina

I debated as to whether to put Ole Miss or Carolina here. The homer in me won out. Clearly, the Wofford game provided none of the answers we were looking for.

9. Ole Miss

The Rebels lost another nail-biter. This is a team that could very well be sitting at 4-0 if not for a few inopportune misses.

10. Tennessee

The Vols played better than the score might indicate but still got handled by a Florida team that didn't exactly look stellar.

11. MSU

Nothing to say about these guys other than that they're terrible.

12. Arkansas

You have to admit that you enjoyed seeing Petrino humbled like that.