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SEC Power Poll Ballot, Week 4

There are really four subgroups here. Teams 1-3 are easily the conference's best. Teams 4-6 still have some questions to answer. Teams 7-10 are almost interchangeable, mostly since we don't know much about them. And Teams 11 and 12 -- well, just hope that Texas doesn't want into the SEC any time soon.

1. Georgia
Go out west and do what the Vols couldn't do: Defend the conference's honor. Well done, spelling-challenged Dawgs. Too bad Munson won't get to call the rest of the season.

2. Florida
Yeah, yeah, you did this last year, then proceeded to give away control of the SEC East. Beat Georgia, then we'll talk about No.1.

3. LSU
It is really a joy to watch Les Miles coach. He's a lot like his idol, Bo Schembechler, in that he does things his way and doesn't care what you think. Oh, and he wins.

4. Alabama
I'm still skeptical, just because we've seen Alabama do this before. But, boy, those scores look pretty. And Georgia will be a good measuring stick. (Didn't Saban say that about Clemson?)

5. Vanderbilt
I'm more confident of Vanderbilt in the big game right now than Auburn. For one thing, they're probably more balanced than Auburn.

6. Auburn
Well, now they can score. Just not enough.

7. Kentucky
I'm still not sold on the Wildcats. Nor am I sold on anyone below them. Inertia is good for some, I suppose.

8. Mississippi
Two near-misses. Now, if they can get some wins under their belts, they might have something going on in Oxford.

9. South Carolina
Am I ranking the team looked unimpressive and still shelled N.C. State for 34? Or the one that fought Georgia? Or the one that lost to Vanderbilt? Or the one that was in a struggle against Wofford?

10. Tennessee
Problems in Knoxville. Yeah, we said that last year, too. But those bounces might go against the Vols this year. And then things get ugly.

11. Mississippi State
You got destroyed by an ACC team. In the first year of running the triple option. Nothing more need be said.

12. Arkansas
The other member of the Class of 1992 makes us look bad.