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SEC Power Poll Ballot: Week Five


1. Alabama

Some may follow the USA Today/Coaches Poll's lead and rank LSU above Alabama due to the inertia of the preseason rankings. Don't do it. Who has done more so far than the Tide? Oklahoma's superior national ranking proves why preseason polls are detrimental to the game.

2. LSU

Looked good but not dominant against MSU. This year's Saban Bowl will be a blast.

3. Vanderbilt

No, they're probably not this good. But they do have some nice wins so far, and they get another chance to prove themselves this weekend against Auburn.

4. Georgia

Some blackout. Back to the drawing board for the Dawgs.

5. Florida

Really shouldn't have lost to Ole Miss. Mistakes and questionable play-calling killed them.

6. Auburn

Offense was pitiful in the second half, but at least they have a great defense. And what has happened to their PK?

7. Kentucky

The Cats will finally play a real game this weekend at Alabama. God help them. At least they've had all offseason to prepare.

8. Ole Miss

Great win at Florida, but maybe a little deceiving.

9. South Carolina

Offense still looks horrible, but at least Stephen Garcia provided some spark. This weekend's game at Ole Miss gives them a chance to move up.

10. Tennessee

Crompton had gotta go.

11. MSU

Looked better against LSU, but still pretty bad.

12. Arkansas

Horrible on both sides of the ball. Will Petrino go after the Tennessee or Clemson jobs?