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SEC Power Poll Ballot: Week One

1. Florida

I had the Gators at number one coming in and I didn't see any reason to drop them. Although Hawai'i isn't any good, I thought Florida looked great this past weekend. I still think Urban is an idiot for letting Tim Tebow play so late in blow-out games.

2. Georgia

The Bulldogs had a similarly dominating performance against a lower-tier opponent. Matt Stafford looks to have improved his game. The injury to Jeff Owens may hurt them down the road, though.

3. Alabama

I may have them a bit high, but I think that, for this week at least, they've earned it by having the best performance of the weekend. They still have a lot to prove, but I think we're beginning to see why they pay Saban what they pay him.

4. Auburn

The new offense wasn't quite as effective as they probably hoped, but they still looked good against lowly LA-Monroe. They did suffer some injuries that may hurt them, though.

5. LSU

Nice performance, but, like others, they did it against a cupcake, so we haven't really learned much about them.

6. South Carolina

This team's upside is as high as the offense can take them. The defense is very good, but we'll have to score points if we want to have the breakthrough year we're all hoping for.

7. Tennessee

I thought about moving Ole Miss and Kentucky above them, but I'm going to give the Vols the benefit of the doubt and say that UCLA is just better than we thought, although I'm not really sure of that, considering that they should have put the Bruins away in the first half. Still, I think they deserve some credit for being willing to take on a team with a pulse when lots of others took on cupcakes. However, they have lots of problems, not the least of which is an offense that has clearly taken a step back from last year's performance.

8. Ole Miss

The Houston Nutt era got off to a good start as the Rebels beat Memphis 41-24. I'm not sure if the Rebels scored 41 points during Ed Orgeron's entire three years in Oxford. The prognostications about this team being a potential spoiler may be spot on.

9. Kentucky

Like South Carolina, Kentucky's defense helped them overcome a poor offensive performance as they rocked a hapless Louisville team. If the offense comes together, this could be another good Wildcats team.

10. Vanderbilt

Vandy looked better than advertised against Miami, OH, but they still have a lot to prove.

11. Arkansas

These guys were actually in a close game against Western Illinois this past weekend. Bobby Petrino may have to pay for his sins before things get better.

12. MSU

The other Bulldogs suffered a serious setback against LA Tech. Croom is going to need another magical season if his team is to make a bowl.

Everyone, feel free to post your thoughts on my picks in the comments section.