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SEC Power Poll Ballot, Week 1

1. Georgia
Do good things against CMU and South Carolina, or you're looking at No. 2. Or worse.

2. Florida
It was Hawaii. Sure, Georgia looked less impressive against an FCS team. But is Hawaii really FBS-caliber this year?

3. Auburn
Before Bama fans get too carried away, they should remember the Tigers actually beat ULM.

4. LSU
WE BEAT APPY STATE! Which would be a big deal not at all if the 'Eers hadn't beat Michigan. Last year.

Take that, Bill Martin!

5. Alabama
Absolutely crushed Clemson. But are they for real for more than one week?

6. South Carolina
You do realize that the game begins in the first quarter, not the third, right?

7. Kentucky
Um, how about your offense scores, mkay?

8. Mississippi
Houston Nutt would be even scarier if he had a McFadden or a Jones.

9. Vanderbilt
Ninth?!? This might be the highest I've ever ranked Vandy. Are they that good? Or are Tennessee, Mississippi State and Arkansas that bad?

10. Tennessee
There are no words.

11. Mississippi State
Wow. The Bulldogs got Dooley'd.

12. Arkansas
Pitiful. I mean, we knew they were going to be bad, but rallying to be an FCS team? Pitiful.