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SEC Power Poll Ballot, Week 5

1. Alabama
Go to Athens and look like the best team in the conference during a beat down of Georgia. But can they finish the season this time?

2. LSU
Not sure about the Bayou Bengals, but everyone else either has a major question or suffered an implosion this weekend. So here they sit.

3. Georgia
It's a power poll, folks. Yes, Georgia looked terrible against Alabama. But they still appear to be a good team. There's no reason to go crazy; the spelling-challenged Dawgs are in it until the end.

4. Florida
But for a blocked extra point, they would have had a chance to win in overtime. Tebow's apology, though, makes it all better.

5. Vanderbilt
Bye week, but well deserved for the 'Dores. Now they gear up to try to do what has eluded them so far: Find a way to six wins and go bowling. Once they get that sixth win ... who knows?

6. Mississippi
Who wants a Vandy-Ole Miss SEC CG? Seriously, though, Houston is working his special magic in Oxford.

7. Auburn
Wow. Their offense is so horrible, words fail.

8. Kentucky
Gasp! They play an SEC team! This early?!? It must be a scheduling error.

9. South Carolina
GARCIA!!!!!!!! WE ARE BACK!!!!!!!!!! Then again, it was UAB.

10. Tennessee
Please, replace Crompton and fire Clawson. Do it for the children.

11. Mississippi State
Played LSU tough, which is enough to stay ahead of the Hogs.

12. Arkansas