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Reviewing Vanderbilt...

C&F hit the major points. Horrible special teams play, poor pass protection late in the game and horrendous run blocking throughout the game, Munnerlyn losing his head when he most needed it: these are the things that led to another loss to Vandy. The protection problems I expected to some degree, and I actually thought the line played better for most of the game than they did against NC State. However, the other two problems were major surprises. Weren't we supposed to get better special teams play this year? Wasn't our secondary supposed to be one of the best in the SEC? The answer to both questions after the pathetic effort we got in the second half: I guess not.

A couple of things to add:

1. I hope we don't hear any talk about Tommy Beecher starting this coming week. Chris Smelley's second interception was a pretty bad pass, and he overthrew his receivers a couple of other times, but overall I thought he threw the ball much better than Beecher did. Beecher was almost completely unable to throw a vertical downfield pass; Smelley may not be the next Peyton Manning, but the long ball is at least a threat with him in the game. Smelley could put up some numbers if he could get some protection.

2. Kenny McKinley, please get well soon. Some of your teammates can't catch the ball.

Needless to say, I'm not looking forward to playing Georgia this coming week. Unless this team makes some major strides over the next few weeks, it will struggle to win six games and will be embarrassed by the elite teams.