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SEC Power Poll Ballot, Week 2

1. Georgia
That's more like it. Now, pay no attention to the Gamecocks. Look ahead to the Sun Devils. No, really, ignore us completely...

2. Florida
The Tebow Spread is dead. Long live the Tebow Spread! If he survives until the end of the season, the Gators should make a run.

3. Auburn
No reason to think they're not real good. But no real reason to think they're great, either.

4. LSU
They haven't done anything special. But they also haven't underperformed, and LSU could be one of the Top 4 teams in the conference on autopilot.

5. Alabama
Welcome the new resurgent Tide. Same as the old resurgent Tide. Will a mediocre victory over Tulane temper the expectations in Tuscaloosa? Who am I kidding? Nah.

6. Ole Miss
I think Wake is pretty good. So what does it say about the Rebels that they went into Wake's house and played them close?

7. Kentucky
With Tennessee and South Carolina both eagerly offering third place in the East to whomever will take it, the Wildcats and the Commodores could end up fighting for it. The end is nigh.

8. Vanderbilt
Okay, I don't think the Commodores are going to win the conference or anything. But they're a good team. A Sept. 20 game against Ole Miss could shake up both divisions.

9. Tennessee
Cupcake to the rescue, as UAB comes to Knoxville.

Mmmm, cupcakes.

10. South Carolina
It's too soon. But Jamon Meredith is coming back, and...

11. Mississippi State
Sly is apparently trying to put the sting back into being CROOMED. But at least they won.

12. Arkansas
Does anybody doubt that if the Hogs had played a team with a pulse, they would have lost either or both of their first two games?