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SEC Hoops Power Poll Week One Results: Inaugural Edition


1. Tennessee, 94

2. Arkansas, 83

3. Florida, 78

4. Kentucky, 71

5. South Carolina, 64

6. LSU, 59

7. Vanderbilt, 51

8. Alabama, 35

9. Auburn, 34

10. Mississippi State, 25

11. Ole Miss, 19

12. Georgia, 11

This is the first edition of the SEC Hoops Power Poll. Occurring at the end of OOC play, this week's poll represents the conference's ostensible pecking order as we head into league play. I expect a lot of movement throughout the first few weeks of the league season as we see many of the teams in the middle of the rankings that haven't been tested go up against tough conference opponents.

See what the voters had to say after the jump.


They've played the toughest schedule in the conference, but they've gotten waxed three times in big games since taking down Georgetown. An SEC title hinges on consistently beating good teams.--The Ghost of Chucky

The best team by default, but clearly not as good as last year. Even if they stay at the top, wire to wire.--UK Wildcats Blog


We were more bullish than most about the Hogs heading into the season, but we still can't quite believe we just ranked them No. 2. But, who's to argue with two victories over Top 10 opponents a week?--Razorback Expats

Pelphrey's Piggies really impressed against Texas and Oklahoma.  Why no higher?  That's just how the math works out.--A Sea of Blue


The Florida Gators are a solid team whose biggest win to date came against the NC State Wolfpack. That's all well and good except that the Wolfpack are, well, not very good. Still, a solid start.--Gate 21

A win over Washington looks better now, and they got a decent but ugly win over NC State. This team should get a little better but I think they're 3rd in the East.--The Bruce Ball Blog


UK is better than most think right now. They've been playing good ball for the most part and have good wins over Kansas State and West Virginia. The loss to VMI is bad but other three are quality.--The Bruce Ball Blog

Are chomping at the bit for SEC teams.--Alabama Basketball Blog

South Carolina

Now that the Gamecocks have played some NCAA Tournament-type opponents, we've been able to see what this team is really made of. They played Clemson tough and were able to sneak a win out of Waco.--The Ghost of Chucky

SC is 11-2 thus far, despite a less than impressive schedule.  Their only real test to date ended in a loss to Clemson, but they clearly have the ability to win. Who knows if they actually will.--Gate 21


Utah owns the SEC.--Alabama Basketball Blog

What a sleeper heading into the conference. No one saw this coming. Maybe that new coach is just what the Bayou needed.--UK Wildcats Blog


Like LSU, the Dores have yet to really show whether they are good or not.  At 11-3, they appear to have some talent, but a win at Kentucky on Saturday will definitely improve their ranking.--Gate 21

Vandy proved they can handle the easy ones.  Now they need to beat the big boys, beginning Saturday.--A Sea of Blue


Tough loss to Clemson.  Alabama has skill, but is poorly coached.--A Sea of Blue

Decent win over Georgia Tech, respectable loss to Clemson--but three bad early losses and struggles in games they should dominate makes Alabama a major disappointment so far.--The Bruce Ball Blog


Auburn lost 4 of their first 7 games, but have since picked up 7 straight wins including one against Virginia.  Still, opening losses to Mercer, Dayton, and No. Iowa hardly inspires confidence.--Gate 21

Only beat one foe below #100 RPI-wise. Still, this team has the potential to win the West.--A Sea of Blue

Mississippi State

The loss to San Diego would have dropped the Bulldogs even lower, but they rebounded well by beating a decent Houston team by 17.--The Ghost of Chucky

Showing last year was a fluke.--UK Wildcats Blog

Ole Miss

Once again, wins and losses mean nothing for this team. But they could've moved up had they not been blown out by Southern Miss.--The Ghost of Chucky

Five losses, but none are bad and they are well coached. I like this team to make noise in the west, at least early.--The Bruce Ball Blog


I hear they play basketball there.--Alabama Basketball Blog

Do you ever get the feeling the Georgia AD rues the Bulldogs' magical SEC Tourney win last spring, the one that forced him to keep Dennis Felton around?--Razorback Expats