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SEC Power Poll Ballot: Week Six

I'm going to go ahead and admit that I have almost no faith in my rankings after number two, and I'm almost completely at a loss for what to say for 7-9. I imagine I'm not the only one, though.

1. Florida

The Gators regain the top spot in my ballot after an impressive performance in Deaf Valley. They have one of the best defense in recent years, without a doubt.

2. Alabama

The Tide were also very impressive this week when they dismantled Ole Miss. They're neck and neck with Florida.

3. LSU

The Tigers played a gritty game against Florida, but their offense simply isn't good enough to run with the best defenses. I expect they'll have a good, nine- or ten-win year, though.

4. South Carolina

The Gamecocks weren't perfect against Kentucky, but they continue to win, which is more than the other non-Florida teams in the East can say.

5. Auburn

Arkansas exposed Auburn's defense over the weekend. I still think this is a solid team, but they're going to have to play for shootouts against the better offenses.

6. Arkansas

Ryan Mallett showed his stuff against Auburn over the weekend, and the defense was better than usual until late in the game. To me, this team shows a lot of potential to move up by the end of the year.

7. Tennessee

I don't know what happened in that Georgia game, but whatever it was, you have to give the Vols some credit for getting it together and ostensibly getting their season back on track.

8. Georgia

The 'Dawgs are in an utter tailspin now. They made Jonathan Crompton look like Peyton Manning, fans are calling for assistant coaches' heads, and with the Cocktail Party looming in a few weeks, things could get even worse before they get better.

9. Ole Miss

Perhaps the most overrated team in recent SEC memory. The offensive line and quarterback are an utter mess, and Houston Nutt has now officially cemented his reputation as a coach who can't win under pressure of expectations.

10. Kentucky

Proved that their decent performance against 'Bama wasn't a fluke by taking South Carolina down to the wire. The 'Cats have an upset or two in them, I think.

11. Mississippi State

Lost another close one. Not really sure what to make of these guys, but they seem to be better than last year's team, at least. Like Kentucky, I wouldn't be surprised to see them pull a rabbit out of their hat at some point.

12. Vanderbilt

One of the worst teams in college football. Utterly embassassed the conference.