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Jarvis Giles Not Making Trip to Tuscaloosa

Per The State:

USC freshman tailback Jarvis Giles is suspended for the Alabama game for an undisclosed violation of team and university policy, media relations director Steve Fink said Friday.

Fink said Giles would not make the trip to Tuscaloosa, but did not know whether the suspension extended beyond Saturday’s game.

Giles is the Gamecocks’ second-leading rusher with 245 yards on 42 carries.

This isn't ideal for tomorrow, but it's not the end of the world, either. Giles may be the team's second-leading rusher, but most of his yards have come against the weaker portion of our schedule. Kenny Miles and Brian Maddox are most of the snaps against the real competition, and I expect that would have been the case against 'Bama tomorrow regardless of whether Giles was on the field. However, Giles is an important part of this team going forward, so let's hope he gets his act together.