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Previewing Kentucky at South Carolina: Topics for Discussion on the 'Cats Offense

Can we stop Kentucky's running game? The 'Cats run game against Alabama wasn't world beating, but it was decent compared to how other teams have done against the Tide's front line. Meanwhile, our rushing defense has good numbers, but we've shown some chinks in our armor at times and have depleted depth on the defensive line. I'm especially worried about Randall Cobb, who provides Kentucky with a McCluster-like weapon out of the Wildcat. Derrick Locke also looks like a quality player.

Locke also returns kicks! We've been doing better on kickoff coverage, but Locke will test us. He can take one to the house if we don't cover him.

Cobb is also Kentucky's leading receiver and is a big-play threat. Can our secondary contain him? I'm frankly somewhat more afraid of Cobb out of the backfield, but you have to keep an eye on him at receiver, too.

Kentucky's line isn't playing too badly and has done OK protecting Hartline. Can we generate any pressure? Our defense appears to thrive off pressuring the quarterback. When we can't do that, we're pretty average.

Can we take advantage if Mike Hartline plays poorly? Hartline has struggled mightily lately, throwing six interceptions in the last three games. Our defense has shown good coverage ability, but we've often failed to take advantage of turnover opportunities. Is this the game where we pull down multiple interceptions?