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Steve Spurrier to Take Over Playcalling Duties

Per The State:

Spurrier, who ceded most of the play-calling responsibilities to receivers coach Steve Spurrier Jr. before the 2008 season, said Tuesday he would become the Gamecocks' main play-caller, with input from offensive assistants.

I think this is good news. I've seen nothing from Jr. that would suggest he's a better playcaller than his papa. One also has to wonder if Spurrier isn't getting revved up for a shot at Corch Meyer.
I also found the following quote interesting:
Spurrier said the Gamecocks' offense actually has played better the past two weeks in losses to Tennessee and Arkansas than it did in September wins against N.C. State and Mississippi.

We may be gaining more yards, but we aren't scoring any more points. In fact, we scored the same number of points against Arkansas and Ole Miss, and I think we all know which team has the better defense.
Good old Spurrier. Had to get a jab in even as he admitted poor coaching.