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Previewing South Carolina at Arkansas: Topics for Discussion on the Hogs' Defense


  • Arkansas's defensive numbers give cause for hope. The Hogs are 95th in total defense, 81st in scoring defense, 68th in rushing defense, and a staggering 109th in passing defense. In other words, Arkansas is who we thought they would be: a team with an average defensive line and not much else. If Stephen Garcia and his receivers come ready to play, we should be able to move the ball through the air fairly efficiently against these guys.
  • That said, we can't sleep on Arkansas's defensive line. The Hogs are 50th in sacks and 25th in tackles for loss, and the pass rush seems to be their defense's hallmark. Expect to see Arkansas throw the kitchen sink at Garcia in an attempt to make him commit turnovers. Turnovers are this defense's best hope; see the Arkansas-Florida game.
  • Hooper at Rocky Top Talk has fancy computer evidence that shows that Arkansas's defense is really as bad as it looks.
  • Arkansas may be without corner Ramon Broadway against us. Their secondary, which lost a starter during the preseason, is more or less in tatters. Again, opportunities in the passing game should be there.