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Update on Culliver Situation

Apparently, Chris Culliver was benched because he refused to move from safety to corner for a couple of weeks. Per Joe Person:

Lorenzo Ward, Culliver’s position coach, told 1400 The Team on Wednesday that Culliver would not accept a move from safety to corner, and responded with a poor attitude. Ward said Culliver’s shoulder injury made him a better fit at corner, where there is less hitting required.

I fully support Coach Spurrier on this one. With Culliver's injury, he would have been a bigger help to us at corner, and, in fact, he could have made a huge contribution there in a game when we need every corner we can get. (BTW, if we see Addison Williams in this game...) Culliver's refusal to switch positions until his shoulder heals is perplexing and selfish. With this team trying to maintain the positive attitude it's exhibited throughout the year, Spurrier wanted to send a clear message to this team: get with the program and put the team first or stay home. Hopefully, his strong statement will motivate the guys that do play to play their butts off and earn playing time. As for Culliver, I hope he gets his head in order and comes back ready to help the team against Florida. If he wants to be Emanuel Cook, then it's his choice, but I'd rather see him make something better of himself. He has the ability.