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Garnet and Black Attack Blogger Heisman Ballot

I was contacted again this year by Shotgun Spratling of The Blue Workhorse to vote for the Blogger Heisman. Below is my ballot and rationale. Stay tuned later this week for when TBW releases its results.

Ingram doesn't have the highlight-reel moves that some former Heisman tailbacks have had. However, he's produced all year long, and he came up biggest in the most-hyped SEC game in a long time. The Heisman is all about the combination of being a great player and helping your team win the big games, and Ingram has done those things.

Gerhart is perhaps a better back than Ingram, but we haven't gotten to see how he would play in a truly significant game. And no, beating Southern Cal this year does not constitute "truly significant game."

McCoy had another great year, but his inept play on the big stage against Nebraska hurts him in my eyes. Let's not mince words here; that Texas victory is directly attributable to Nebraska choking and Hunter Lawrence's clutch field goal, not McCoy.

Honorable Mention: Tim Tebow

Surprisingly, Tebow had his worst year as a senior. He deserves credit, though, for having one of the best college football careers ever and for his leadership. Moreover, his down year probably isn't all his fault; any Florida fan will tell you that coaching was an issue this year, and there's a lot of truth to that.

So, does anyone disagree? Did I miss anyone that should be on the ballot?