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SEC Power Poll Ballot: Week Six


1. LSU

Gutted out a tough win in Starkville last night. The Tigers have dominated the West, but some tough matchups with elite Eastern Division teams loom as a proving ground for LSU.

2. Florida

Lost a tough one in Rupp, but they're still in good position to win the East if they can hold sway in Gainesville against Kentucky and Tennessee.

3. South Carolina

Nothing fancy lately, but still chugging along. They need to avoid a letdown in Tuscaloosa this weekend.

4. Mississippi State

State has been surging lately despite losing in double OT to LSU. They have an outside shot at an NCAAs bid, but their weak non-con and Western Division schedule may hold them back.

5. Kentucky

Got the win that they (and Coach Billy Gillispie) needed against Florida. They've still got a bit of a hole to dig themselves out of if they want to be on the right side of the bubble, though.

6. Tennessee

Hard to know what to make of these guys. Some days, they look great. Others, they lose to Auburn.

7. Vanderbilt

Vandy has reasserted itself recently and is now in a good position to make a run at the NIT.

8. Auburn

Ditto for Auburn on the NIT. These guys look determined to save Jeff Lebo's job. Not a lot of talent, but tough, gutsy basketball.

9. Ole Miss

Another team with a shot at the NIT, but they're in a bit more of a hole than Vandy and Auburn after losing to Vandy.

10. Alabama

These guys are just hoping that Bobby Knight isn't their next coach.

11. Arkansas

Now that Courtney Fortson has been suspended, this team may very well crash and burn even worse than they already have been. They still have a game with UGA left, which could be interesting.

12. UGA

I really think they can beat Arkansas if the Hogs are without Fortson. Other than that, they won't win again.