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SEC Power Poll Results: Week Six


1. LSU 60

2. Florida 51

3. South Carolina 50

4. Kentucky 44

5. Tennessee 41

6. Mississippi State 39

7. Vanderbilt 30

8. Auburn 22

9, Ole Miss 20

10. Alabama 15

11. Arkansas 10

12. Georgia 5

Here's what our esteemed electoral college had to say.


Alabama has had more than their share of controversy this season. Anytime a coach departs midseason, it's time to start talking 'bout next year.--Gate 21


If you're a Razorback fan, who do you blame for the Hogs' crumble in conference play? Their youth? Houston Nutt?--Ghost of Chucky


Jekyll and Hyde have reared their ugly heads again. Only this time, Dr. Jekyll has surfaced with back-to-back conference wins.--Ghost of Chucky


Suffered a setback vs. UK but still in contention in the East.--Leftover Hot Dog


Georgia just plain sucks. No real room for argument. Legendary suckage. Any coach who loses to the Dawgs is likely to get shot.--Gate 21


A lucky win over Florida doesn't erase the three straight conference losses prior to that win.--Ghost of Chucky


LSU continues to roll. Their win over Miss St. leaves them in command of the conference.--Gate 21

Mississippi State

Gave LSU all they could handle but second place in the west is where they will stay.--Leftover Hot Dog

Ole Miss

They showed their youth at Vanderbilt in a game where, as badly as they played, they still had a chance.--Ghost of Chucky

South Carolina

South Carolina is hardly impressive, but they have found ways to win -- even when they shouldn't.--Gate 21


Maybe they're not going to live up to the expectations after all. --Razorback Expats


Vanderbilt got really lucky versus an inexperienced Ole Miss team. I think the shine may be off Stalling's head.--Gate 21