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SEC Power Poll Ballot: Week Seven


I'm expecting this week's results to be a very close, as there appears to be little difference between teams 2-6 and 7-9.

1. LSU

The Bayou Bengals have continued their winning ways. They're clearly the SEC's best team right now, but big dates with some of the better Eastern Division teams loom as big tests for the Purple Tigers.

2. Mississippi State

I'm not sure how comfortable I feel about putting State here, as they're a somewhat enigmatic team. They had lost two straight against LSU and Auburn before beating South Carolina last night. I have them here because they've beaten Carolina and Kentucky and I don't feel good about ranking them below those two teams.

3. South Carolina

Tough loss last night in Starkville, but the Gamecocks still control their destiny in the East with home games coming up against Kentucky and Tennessee.

4. Florida

I would have them at number two if not for the UGA game. Yech. These guys can be really good or really bad depending on the night.

5. Kentucky

You have to wonder if they can win many games against teams not from Arkansas without Patrick Patterson.

6. Tennessee

Despite their relatively gaudy RPI, which they built during the tough non-con schedule, the Vols are not one of the better teams in the SEC right now. With a number of tough games coming up, they could drop a few more down the stretch.

7 (t). Auburn

They're not the deepest or most athletic team, but Jeff Lebo has found a way to maximize his team's potential. With six wins, I think Lebo needs two more to save his job. Don't bet against him.

7 (t). Vanderbilt

Picked up a good win against Kentucky on Tuesday. This young team could be primed for a late run at the NIT.

7 (t). Ole Miss

Another upset special. The Rebels beat the Vols last night in Oxford, setting themselves up for a postseason run.

10. Alabama

The Tide have shown effort in many of their recent games, but they haven't won many of them.

11. Arkansas

Showing a little life now, but still 1-8 in the SEC.

12. Georgia

After the their maginificent performance against the Gators, the Dawgs returned to their old ways as they let Auburn beat them like a drum in Athens.