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SEC Power Poll Ballot: Week Eight


Results will be up here at GABA tomorrow afternoon.

1. LSU

Kept rolling when the Gators came to town. Winning out could put them in a great position as far as NCAAs seeding goes.

2. South Carolina

In their biggest game of the year, the Gamecocks came ready to play. Another win or two will make them a lock for the tourney.

3. Florida

I still think they're headed for the tourney, but they can't afford to slip up at this point.

4. Kentucky

Hard to believe they're fourth after what we saw last night, but they've dominated the Vols this year.

5. Tennessee

They're in better shape for the NCAAs than the Gators or Cats due to their high RPI, but they're not playing well right now. The close win against MSU last night was good, though.

6. Mississippi State

The Western Dogs appeared to be making their run after the win over South Carolina, but they've fallen back a bit. Still a dangerous team in the NIT.

7. Auburn

South Carolina has to be the league's biggest surprise, but Auburn's tough play down the stretch has been impressive. Jeff Lebo has definitely saved his job.

8. Ole Miss

Another surprisingly decent team, but they're fading a bit down the stretch.

9. Alabama

You have to admit that they've come together a bit since Gottfried hit the road. Last night's win over Vandy was quite impressive.

10. Vanderbilt

Looked like they were about to make a late-season run, but they've fallen off. They can still play spoiler against South Carolina this weekend.

11. Georgia

Well, the Dawgs have escaped embarrassment with a couple of wins. Who would've though it?

12. Arkansas

I hate ranking them below the Dawgs because they're definitely a better team, but they're not playing like it right now.