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SEC Power Poll Ballot: Week Ten


1. LSU

Despite their recent slide, the Tigers are still the class of the conference.

2. Tennessee

Took a step back against Alabama after the big win at South Carolina.

3. South Carolina

Backed into sharing the Eastern Division Title after they beat UGA and watched Bama beat UT.

4. Auburn

Apparently I was right about Auburn being this good. Impressive win over the Purple Tigers.

5. Florida

Not the prettiest game in the world, but the Gators kept their at-large hopes alive with a home win against Kentucky.

6. Mississippi State

A team to watch in the SECT?

7. Kentucky

Only an SECT Title can get the 'Cats back in the NCAAs now.

8. Vanderbilt

Definitely a team to watch in the NCAAs.

9. Alabama

The Tide have played well down the stretch. Whoever the new ends up being has a lot in place to work with.

10. Ole Miss

Tough season for the Rebs. Perhaps they'll have better luck next year.

11. UGA

This pretty much sums it up for UGA.

Time to stick your tongue out at all the teams that beat you and then mopily go home.

12. Arkansas

Better luck next year.