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No Full Recap Today / Post-Failure Open Thread

Unless I change my mind, I'm going to wait until tomorrow to write a fully formed recap of today's debacle. All I can say right now is that it's tough being a Gamecock sometimes. This one really hurts. The stakes were high and we were in a good position to win, but midway through the second half, when our fresher legs should have given us an advantage, we failed to defend the three and completed what is likely yet another late-season collapse. I'm going to be honest: I see very little chance for us to make the NCAAs now. Do as anyone honestly think we've looked like a good team since the second win over Kentucky? We can always hope that all remaining bubble teams will blow their chances and the selection committee will throw us a bone, but I think it's unlikely. Instead, I would say that chances are about 80% that we're headed back to the NIT. While I think we should all stop right now and remember that this team surpassed expectations this year, going back to the NIT is just heartbreaking. I would much rather go the NCAAs and lose by 30 to a good team. I guess all we can do now is keep our fingers crossed and hope we get lucky enough to get that chance, because if we do get in, that's exactly what's going to happen if we continue to play like we have lately.

I'd also like to congratulate Mississippi State. The Bulldogs played a great second half. Although our perimeter defense wasn't what it should have been, it's simply hard to beat a team that shoots like that. The Bulldogs have lived and died by the three this year, and when they've been on, they've been hard to beat.

So, what is everyone thinking about this loss? Why did we lose? Are we out of the bubble picture? What does this loss mean for how we understand this season?