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Cheer Up: Fun with Clemson

Alright, Gamecocks. Time to cheer up. Sure, it's tough that we didn't make the NCAA tournament and the weekend baseball series was pretty bad. But when your rival is Clemson -- well, there's always something to smile about.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Clemson signee Bryce McNeal.

The operative question here, of course, is why? Why make these videos? Where is he standing? Why shirtless? And why does he highlight the tattoo, which (in case you didn't catch it) goes:

With Elsie came Love Passion & Faith past to Charlitta at a steady pace but what started with Eula will never be finished but always rest in my Heart.

Which means -- what, exactly?

(Thanks to our friends at Tomahawk Nation for passing this along.)

Meanwhile, Dear Leader -- or I guess that's former Dear Leader now -- is selling his Upstate home. EDSBS portrays it as a burning house, which is really an apt metaphor for Baby Bowden's last nine seasons with the Team from the Upstate.