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Thank You, Zam and Branden

Well, the season is over after the dissappointing loss to Davidson. I should probably be more upset, but any wins in the NIT would have been something of a mixed blessing anyways; I was probably too jaded after missing out on the NCAAs to really be upset about losing in the NIT.

So, instead of focusing on tonight's game (I'll do that tomorrow), I'd like to thank Zam Fredrick and Branden Conrad for their efforts as Gamecocks. Conrad, while never a major contributer, derves credit for working hard and making it as a walk-on. Zam, while I've often faulted his shot selection, helped us win some games and deserves our applause. Seeing him break down after he left the game made me realize that this was a guy that loved basketball and loved playing for USC.

Here's one of Zam's greatest hits: