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Who said rebuilding year? C&F said rebuilding year? You must have read it wrong. See here? That post says "it's not ... a ... rebuilding year."

So C&F was not at all surprised that the Gamecocks are now ranked No. 18 in the Collegiate Baseball poll. Why, he practically predicted it! As for Baseball America, "South Carolina's knocking on the door of the rankings." (You'll have to scroll about halfway down the page.)

Actually, BA's guarded optimism might be more realistic right now. The Gamecocks have a solid pitching staff -- 1.23 ERA, .107 BAA against -- and the defense is good, but the .779 OPS doesn't exactly leave one screaming "OMAHA" quite yet. All of this, remember, in just four games. This team still needs to prove itself.

This week might not be the time to do that, though. It's Georgia State on Tuesday (at 4 p.m. ET instead of 7 p.m. ET), Charleston Southern on Wednesday and then a game against the Long Beach State Dirtbags (their name), who look less and less impressive as time goes by. LBSU has just four starters batting better than .250 and two relievers with infinite ERAs. Literally. Again, young season, but the Gamecocks are going to have to blow the doors off some teams this week to make the Baseball America poll.

So, take heart. But, still -- caution, my friends, caution. It's a long season, and four games gives us just enough reason to be excited and just enough reason to not to crazy.