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Saturday Afternoon Gamecocks News Link Dump

Gamecocks Football

Spring Training Going Well for the Offense. Could there be anything we'd rather hear about the football team right now? Stephen Garcia is playing well, the offensive line is--egads!--blocking well, and the backs are breaking some big runs. Based on results over the past two years, we should obviously be cautious about what to expect from this offense. However, the pieces are there, and maybe--just maybe--this is the year we'll finally see a Spurrier-like offense in Columbia.

Ajiboye's Suspension Explained. Let's hope this is a one-time thing for Ladi. I would hate to see this kid screw up his chances and, moreover, he's a player we really need next year.

Gamecocks Baseball

Gamecocks Defeat Highly Ranked LSU. We picked up a big win over LSU last night on the diamond at Carolina Field. Winning this series would be a major accomplishment for this team. They Purple Tigers are currently beating us 3-2 in the bottom of the third.

Other NCAA News

Zac Swansey and Troy Brewer to Transfer from UGA. Both are seeking more playing time. Swansey, though, began the year as a starter and has potential; many of you may remember that he hit a three to beat Kentucky in the SEC Tournament last year. Their departure certainly has a bit to do with the change in regimes at UGA, and not having them leaves the incoming UGA coach with a THIN bench.