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Saturday Afternoon Gamecocks News Link Dump

Gamecocks Football

Defense, Giles, and Gurley and Shine in Scrimmage. Unfortunately, it sounds like the o-line reverted in this scrimmage. Good to see some younger players stepping up, though.

Gamecocks Hoops

Darrin Horn promotes Neill Berry. Berry takes up the previous post of Scott Cherry, who left earlier this week to take a job at High Point College in North Carolina.

Gamecocks Baseball

USC-UK Series Opener Postponed. Apparently because of the weather, not because of post-apocalyptic wreckage in Lexington.

Other NCAA News

Billy Gillispie Responds. Gillispie says he doesn't hold any hard feelings against UK. However, the forthcoming buyout war may change all of that. As you may know, Gillispie never signed his contract and the University is now saying that that means they don't have to pay him his sizeable buyout. Gillispie claims he expects every penny of it. Frankly, I'm with Gillispie on this one. He probably should have signed the contract (and I'm sure he's now wishing he had), but doing so was valuable only in symbolic terms. Clearly, the two parties had a tacit employment agreement, one that will probably hold up in a court of law. Moreover, while I can see why they fired the guy, they also have to live up to the fact that they didn't him as much time as he could reasonably have expected to receive. If anybody has ever deserved a buyout, it's a guy that only got two years on one of the toughest coaching jobs in American sports.

BTW, if you haven't seen the following clip yet, you need to. I'll have to admit that it makes me very uncomfortable just watching this. Truly a low for reporters.

Anthony Grant to 'Bama. This is probably a good hire for the Tide, although I'm a little surprised they didn't wait longer and try to lure Mizzou's Mike Anderson, who has his team playing in the Elite Eight today. At any rate, it means that UGA won't get Grant, which is probably good for the rest of the East, unless of course UGA somehow manages to get Anderson or Jeff Capel.

UPDATE: A Sea of Blue on Kentucky's Favored Candidates. It's an impressive list, and I fully expect the 'Cats to do what 'Bama did with Saban and open up their checkbook and make the home-run hire.