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Monday Afternoon Gamecocks News Link Dump

Gamecocks Baseball

Carolina Takes Down Kentucky to Win Series. Big win in Lexington for the Gamecocks. This was our first SEC series win.

Other NCAA News

John Calipari to Kentucky? The buzz out of Lexington today is all about Calipari. Getting Calipari would undoubtedly be a major coup for the 'Cats. As someone that has proven he can recruit and coach mid-majors UMass and Memphis to Final Fours, I can only imagine that Calipari could do even better at Kentucky. The taint of ethical lapses has seemed to follow this guy around for years, but to my knowledge (limited, I'll grant), he's never been investigated for serious violations. Jealous fans of rival schools often accuse coaches that seem to be able to do the impossible by bringing big-time talent to mid-majors, and that may be the case with Calipari.

Paul Westerdawg on the UGA Search. I'd say most of UGA's eggs are in the Mike Anderson basket at this point. Unfortunately for the 'Dawgs, if Calipari heads to Kentucky, Memphis may go after Anderson. With Anthony Grant recently coming aboard with 'Bama, the 'Dawgs may very well get the short end of the stick in what has become a fairly active season for coaching searches. That would be good for us, of course.

Final Four Set. I would put my money on UNC. They've cruised so far. In fact, this has been a pretty boring tournament, IMHO. The Villanova win over Pitt was exciting to the finish and Michigan State's win over Louisville was exciting until the Spartans pulled away later in the second half, but most of the big matchups so far have been somewhat lopsided.