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Tuesday Morning Gamecocks News Link Dump

Gamecocks Football

Gamecocks Performing Well at Pro Day. With all this buzz about Brinkley, the Cooks, et al., I'm beginning to wonder if we're going to be stuck a few years down the road trying to figure out why we couldn't win more games with so much NFL talent on this part year's team.

Other NCAA News

Calipari Close to a Done Deal for 'Cats. My guess is that an announcement is coming tomorrow.

Nick Calathes Going Pro? Calathes has declared for the draft but has not signed with an agent, so he can still opt to remain with Florida if he changes his mind about the NBA. My guess is that he wants to test the waters before deciding for good, which is understandable. This site has a good rundown on his pro prospects, which are, as I expected, pretty solid. Like his former teammate Marreese Speights, Calathes is one of those guys that could go either way. He's good enough to come out and get drafted late in the first round, but he could possibly become a lottery pick if he sticks around and has a big year. Plus, you've gotta think he'd like to prove that he can take the Gators to the NCAAs before he hits the road. All of this is to say that, unlike Gatorpilot, I don't think he'd be making a mistake to come out. However, he does need to think seriously about whether he wants the short-term gains of leaving early or the long-term benefits and college memories of sticking around.

QB Battle at Clemson. For those of you keeping an eye on Auburn-with-a-Lake / The Other Purple Tigers.