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Tennessee at South Carolina: Gameday Open Thread

Bruce-pearl_medium If there was anything else to say about this game coming into today, Leftover Hot Dog is here to tell you what it is. Those of you interested in the opponent's point of view can check out our SB Nation colleagues at Rocky Top Talk.

At this point, though, we know what these two teams bring to the table: good teams, a fairly similar body of work, a shot at an Eastern Division Title. The coaching match-up features a duel between two guys that may very well alter the power structure in the SEC East for years to come. Heck, Bruce Pearl already has. Simply put, the stakes are huge tonight, and--yes, I know I said the following last week, but I mean it this time!--we haven't witnessed a bigger basketball game in Columbia in many years. Let's give the Vols are welcoming they'll never forget.

Live updates and conversation will be available in the comments thread.