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SEC Power Poll Ballot: Week Nine


Check out Ghost of Chucky for the results.

1. LSU

Despite their loss to Vandy, the Tigers are still in the driver's seat. Their win over Kentucky in Rupp seemed quite impressive until we witnessed the Kentucky's epic crash-and-burn last night.

2. Tennessee

The Vols are finally showing us why they were in the Top 10 at one point. This team is set for a run in the postseason.

3. South Carolina

It's hard to believe that the SEC only gets two teams in the NCAAs this year, but the Gamecocks, the conference's best hopes for a third, really need to play well in the next two-three games to get in.

4. Auburn

Why not put them here? This team has performed admirably down the stretch and has an outside shot at the NCAA tournament. Heck, they're as fit as anyone to win an automatic bid in the NCAAs if they keep playing like they've been playing. Their coach, Jeff Lebo, has quickly gone from the hot seat to a COY candidate.

5. Mississippi State

A decent team that could make a lot of noise in the NIT.

6. Florida

A strange team. I thought they were better than this, and they should be, but they're just not playing like it right now. They could still make the NCAAs with a win against Kentucky and a nice SECT showing.

7. Kentucky


8. Vanderbilt

Another dangerous SECT team. The 'Dores are playing very well right now.

9. Ole Miss

The Rebs have performed admirably under duress this season, but they've come apart somewhat down the stretch.

10. Alabama

Not a bad finish to the year. There's hope for next year in Tuscaloosa, depending on who they hire to coach the team.

11. UGA

Wins over Kentucky, Florida, and Vandy and blowout losses to everyone else. Weird.

12. Arkansas

Wait until next year, Pelphry.